b'ADMIRE STUNNING MOUNT FUJI P114-117ENJOY DELICIOUSLOCAL CUISINE P108-111ASIAAsia flaunts its incredible heritage and natural wonders at every turn. Unlock the stories of age-old cultures as you bask in the snow-capped splendour of Mount Fuji, tread the path of history along the Great Wall of China, or cruise the serene, turquoise waters of Halong Bay. Even amongst its neon-lit cityscapes, look closer and youll find streets dotted with sacred temples, quaint tea houses, elaborately manicured gardens, and a vibrant collision of traditional flavours and exciting street food. Asia truly is a land of endlessly enticing contrasts, just waiting to be uncovered.VISIT VIBRANT SHANGHAI P106-107 WALK ALONG THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA P108-11196'