b'THE GREAT WALL OF CHINADISCOVER CHINA15 DAYS FROM 2,995 POPULAR TOURA dizzying mix of ancient cultures, tumultuous history, breathtaking natural beauty, and dynamic landscapes, China is a feast for the senses. Travel through this vast country by rail, discovering magnificent Beijing, the legendary Terracotta Warriors, captivating pandas, and enjoy a scenic cruise through the Three Gorges. YANGTZE RIVER CRUISE We enjoy an unforgettable cruise along the Yangtze River, taking in its immense natural beauty in luxury and comfort on the modern 5-Star Century Sky. We enjoy state-of-the-art amenities and spacious relaxing areas, perfect for watching the scenery glide by. The ship boasts an excellent restaurant that serves up both traditional Chinese dishes and other international flavours.Along the route, a scenic highlight comes as we pass through the Three Gorges within the Wu Mountains - the Qutang, Wu, and Xiling gorges. This is a truly spectacular stretch of the river, and we sail under soaring peaks that rise seemingly endlessly from the waters, as canyons perfectly frame the river with craggy cliff faces and verdant, tree covered slopes.106 ASIA'