b'GEIRANGERFJORDGRAND TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA17 DAYS FROM 3,495Norways majestic mountains and azure fjords combine with the tranquil landscapes of Sweden on this epic holiday, which includes every great Scandinavian rail experience. Explore the cities of Oslo and Stockholm and travel beyond the Arctic Circle to the Land of the Midnight Sun.THE OFOTEN RAILWAY The Ofoten Railway lies on a headland at the foot of the Fagernesfjellet, between Beisfjord and Rornbaksfjord, and runs between the iron-ore mines at Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland, and the port town of Narvik on the Norwegian coast. The views that accompany our journey are spectacular; deep, dark fjords, wild and rugged mountain terrain, and barren plateaus that show off just how remote these far northern reaches really are. At the time of construction, the Ofoten Railway was both the coldest and most northerly railway in the world. The 26-mile line was painstakingly carved out the mountains - an incredible engineering project that was largely undertaken by hand. The result is a breathtaking route that traverses the barren plateaus north of the Arctic Circle.20 SCANDINAVIA AND RUSSIA'