b'NEW ORLEANSTRACKS OF THE DEEP SOUTH14 DAYS FROM 2,995 POPULAR TOURHistoric tracks lead us on a tour through the heartland of greatAmerican music. From Nashville, home of Country Music, to the Blues, Soul and Rock n Roll of Memphis and the jazz of New Orleans, this culture-packed adventure is a trip of a lifetime.MARDI GRASOn our 20th Feb 2022 departure we experience the marvel of legendary Mardi Gras, one of Americas biggest and oldest traditions, from our included grandstand seats. The Carnival of Mardi Gras refers to the period of feasting and festivities that begins on the Christian Feast of the Epiphany in January, and ends on Mardi Gras - known as the final day of revelry before Lent begins. When we visit New Orleans in February, we find the high-spirited celebrations in full swing. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as we witness an explosion of exuberant colour and vitality, with floats making their way through the streets painted in vibrant hues of purple, green, and gold - standing for justice, faith, and power.60 USA'