b'TAJ MAHALHIGHLIGHTS OF INDIA, MUMBAIAND THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE11 DAYS FROM 1,695Uncover Indias iconic landmarks and enchanting wildlife as we explore from bustling Delhi to the Bollywood capital of Mumbai. Discover ancient cities by rail, see the iconic Taj Mahal and visit tiger-rich Ranthambore National Park.RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK The lush, green surrounds of Ranthambore National Park are renowned as one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of majestic wild tigers. The park was declared a Project Tiger reserve in 1973, and today is an adored destination for wildlife photographers and tourists alike, largely due to its extraordinary tiger population. A visit to Ranthambore affords us the chance to embark on a game drive through the verdant landscapes. Look out for the parks incredible range of wildlife; among a host of other captivating creatures, including crocodiles and monkeys, we may spot the striking orange and black stripes of elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, basking in the sun or sauntering through the wilderness.76 INDIAN SUBCONTINENT'