b'AGRA FORTINDIAS GOLDEN TRIANGLE,TIGERS AND SHIMLA14 DAYS FROM 1,995 POPULAR TOURMarvel at historic temples, spot elusive tigers and visit beautiful palaces and gardens as we explore kaleidoscopic India, taking in the tranquillity of Shimla, enigmatic Delhi, the Pink City of Jaipur, and Agra home of the resplendent Taj Mahal.THE TOY TRAIN TO SHIMLAThe Shivalik Express, also known locally as the Toy Train travels between the Indian town of Kalka and Shimla along a narrow-guage track through the Shivalik foothills of the Himalayas. Boasting UNESCO World Heritage status, the line originally opened in 1903 and remains an extraordinary feat of engineering to this day, navigating An extraordinary feat of railway engineering, the line negotiates 102 tunnels, more than 864 bridges and around 919 curves.The scenery is rarely less than spectacular. In the course of our five-six hours on board, were treated to ever-changing vistas of sublime natural beauty; ranging from dense Himalayan cedar and rhododendron forests, mountain valleys and snow-capped peaks to terraced farmland and apple orchards, all admired from panoramic windows.78 INDIAN SUBCONTINENT'