b'YANGTZE RIVERHIGHLIGHTS OF CHINA13 DAYS FROM 2,195Travel from bustling Beijing, with its Great Wall, to ancient Xian and its Terracotta Warriors, cruising the Yangtze River en-route, on this adventure through Chinas ancient and modern wonders.THE GREAT WALL Stretching from the Gobi Desert to the Korean border, winding its way across mile upon mile of arid desert, lush grassland and rugged mountains, the Great Wall of China is a masterpiece of ancient craftsmanship and an incredible sight to behold.The Great Wall boasts a fascinating history dating back some 2,700 years, which means that our visit here feels almost like stepping into the pages of a history book. Discovering the immaculately preserved Mutianyu section, we trace the footsteps of those who walked upon this ancient structure thousands of years ago, drinking in the beautiful views and admiring the incredible feat of engineering. Certainly, this is one of humankinds greatest accomplishments. 104 ASIA'