b"SEE THE WORLD IN VIVID TECHNICOLOURFrom the Northern Light-tinged skies of Norway to the lofty Canadian Rockies; we take you to the worlds most remote and remarkable landscapes. So sit back and relax as you enjoy front-row seats to the most spectacular sights on earth.SCANDINAVIA AND RUSSIANEW Americas National Parks, the Rocky Mountaineer and Las Vegas 62 Highlights of Norway's Fjords and Cities 12America Coast to Coast64 The Northern Lights, LaplandGrand Tour of America 68 and The Polar Express 14 Norway, Lofoten and Arctic Cruise 16USA Holiday Extensions 72Arctic Norway and Midnight Sun in Lofoten18INDIAN SUBCONTINENTGrand Tour of Scandinavia 20 Highlights of India, Mumbai Ultimate Scandinavia and the Polar Express22and the Golden Triangle 76 Highlights of Moscow and St Petersburg 26India's Golden Triangle, Tigers and Shimla 78 Grand Tour of the Baltics and Scandinavia 28Sri Lanka's Leopards and Temples 80 Ultimate Trans-Siberian Express 30 Discover Southern India and Kerala 82 CANADA Darjeeling and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan 84 Canada, Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains 36Grand Tour of India, Nepal and the Himalayas86 Highlights of Canada in Winter 38Ultimate Rajasthan and the Palace on Wheels 90 The Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska Cruise 40Indian Subcontinent Holiday Extensions 94Canada Coast to Coast 42 ASIAUltimate Canada and the Rocky Mountaineer 46 Canada Holiday Extensions 50 Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia 98 Grand Tour of Vietnam and Cambodia 100 USA Highlights of China 104Highlights of America's West Coast 54Discover China 106 Highlights of America's East Coast 56Grand Tour of China and Tibet108 New England in the Fall 58Discover Japan 112 Tracks of the Deep South 60Grand Tour of Japan 114 Asia Holiday Extensions 1182"