b'ANGKOR WATHIGHLIGHTS OF VIETNAMAND CAMBODIA14 DAYS FROM 2,295 POPULAR TOURExplore the history and culture of two fascinating nations on a tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. Uncover historic cities and sites of breathtaking natural beauty, including a cruise through Halong Bay and a visit to the temple city of Angkor Wat.THE REUNIFICATION EXPRESS The North-South Railway, locally known as the Reunification Express, opened in 1936, nearly 40 years after construction started in 1899. We enjoy a unique overnight journey on the train, travelling in soft sleeper class, the best available in the region. Though without the modern amenities you might expect on a European sleeper, the trains are both comfortable and air conditioned, and offer us a fascinating insight into the Vietnamese way of life.Theres nothing quite like bunking down on the train amidst the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, before waking up the following day to the sight of water buffalo ploughing paddy fields and farmers in traditional conical hats waving good morning.98 ASIA'