b'GRAND CANYONGRAND TOUR OF AMERICA18 DAYS FROM 3,995Discover the vibrant, varied United States on a once in a lifetime journey across the country that takes us to some of Americas most famous sights, from cosmopolitan cities and iconic landmarks to breathtaking natural phenomena and stunningly green National Parks.CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR The epic route of Amtraks California Zephyr runs from Chicago in the east to Emeryville, California in the west. We experience a portion of the trip on our overnight journey, travelling to Chicago from Grand Junction. Our journey takes us through a spectacularly scenic part of the USA, as we wind up into the Rocky Mountains and through the heart of Colorados wine region towards the Windy City.We stay in two-berth roomettes, equipped with two comfortable reclining seats which convert to upper and lower berths at night, all next to a large window - perfect for taking in the stunning views of the USAs vast landscapes.68 USA'