b'POTALA PALACEGRAND TOUR OF CHINA AND TIBET16 DAYS FROM 3,995Experience an epic journey across the Roof of the World and explore the Himalayan Kingdom of Tibet. As part of an exclusive small group, uncover the ancient history and fascinating monuments of both China and Tibet, and climb to the city of Lhasa on board one of the most remarkable railways in the world.THE ROOF OF THE WORLD Opened in 2006, this railway is a masterpiece of modern engineering, connecting Xining, in mainland China, to Lhasa in Tibet.Travelling across the roof of the world, we journey across the Tibet Plateau, a region which features permafrost that melts and refreezes as the seasons change. Here, some of the highest mountain ranges in the world - including the Himalayas, the Pamirs, the Tian Shan, and the Altai - meet.Traversing this stunning region by rail, we experience a route that is amongst the highest in the world, and one which offers us a front-row seat to the passing scenery, surrounded by the majestic beauty of these impressive mountains.108 ASIA'