b"ADMIRE AMRITSAR'S GOLDEN TEMPLE P86-89VISIT DELHI'S BAZAAR P86-89INDIANSUBCONTINENTThe hypnotic colours of a lively bazaar, the intoxicating scent of spices from roadside food stalls, and a sip of chai as you wind through mist-shrouded Himalayan peaks by train: the Indian subcontinent awakens the senses. Let us introduce you to time-honoured traditions, authentic ceremonies and sights you'll remember for a lifetime - be it the pristine white marble of the Taj Mahal or the orange and black of a Bengal tiger basking in the shade of a Banyan tree.TOUR A TEA PLANTATION IN DARJEELING P84-85SEE THE ELEGANT PALACEOF THE WINDS P76-7774"