b'ST PETERSBURGHIGHLIGHTS OF MOSCOWAND ST PETERSBURG7 DAYS FROM 1,595Discover two breathtaking cities on this culture-rich holiday. Starting in Moscow, visit world-class attractions including the Kremlin and Red Square, before travelling to St Petersburg - a city so rich in history its entire centre is UNESCO-listed.ST BASILS CATHEDRAL Spend time exploring Russias iconic Red Square, perhaps the jewel in the crown of the city of Moscow. Here, amongst the quaint cobblestones and grand historic structures, stands the famous coral-hued St. Basils Cathedral, both a stunning and enduring landmark. With its round, brilliantly-distinctive onion domes in a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues, the cathedral is an instantly recognisable feature of the citys skyline. It was constructed in about 1550 by Ivan the Terrible, and, fascinatingly, has changed very little since its completion. Today, St Basils Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the worlds architectural wonders, and a must-see for any visitor to Moscow. 26 SCANDINAVIA AND RUSSIA'