b'SWEDENGRAND TOUR OF THE BALTICSAND SCANDINAVIA19 DAYS BY RAIL FROM 4,195 16 DAYS BY AIR FROM 3,595Discover the contrasting cultures of the fascinating Baltics, from colourful Scandinavia to the splendour of Russia, via the historic countries of Latvia and Estonia. Explore glorious palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites on this unique holiday.HELSINKI-ST PETERSBURG Making the journey between Helsinki, in Finland, and St Petersburg, in Russia, in just under three hours, the new electric Allegro trains offer us a comfortable and speedy journey. You can relax and enjoy the on-board restaurant car, but keep an eye out for some of the scenic highlights of the trip. One of these comes as we cross the Saimaa Canal, built during the reign of Nicholas I of Russia, with its forested banks and intricate lock systems. As the train pulls into beautiful Vyborg, we have the chance to admire the medieval fortifications of Vyborg Castle and the historic railway station, which started out as a wooden station in 1870 and is now built in a traditional Stalinist style.28 SCANDINAVIA AND RUSSIA'