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Discover Canada, the Great Rail way

Rail journeys through Canada take in the best of the untamed wilderness to the north and the cosmopolitan cities to the south.

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Rail Tours in Canada

Canadian Rail Journeys – The Last Wilderness

Welcome to the Great White North, land of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, glamorous cities, and fantastic wildlife. In the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, you will find Stanley Park and its famous first-nation totem poles, as well as the stylish areas of Gastown and Chinatown. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, features the futuristic CN Tower that reveals a panorama of the city from its observation deck. You will find elegant Québec in French Canada, with its refined French architecture and picturesque Old Town. 

See the glorious wilds of the Rocky Mountains, venturing into Jasper National Park, filled with breathtaking snow-capped mountains, and tranquil lakes. Finally, there is the world famous Niagara Falls. The second largest falls in the world attracts as many as 12 million tourists every year, and sits directly on the border between Canada and the USA.   

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Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer

From the dramatic Pacific Ocean setting of Vancouver, to the laid-back city of Toronto, this incredible adventure takes us across Canada by rail, in style and comfort onboard the iconic Rocky Mountaineer and The Canadian, two of the world's greatest journeys.

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14 days from $5,175 pp

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New York, Niagara Falls and Toronto

Discover three fascinating cities and one world wonder on a captivating 10-day tour of North America. From the powerhouse of Washington D.C., our tour takes us to chic New York, absorbs the beauty of Niagara Falls from its Canadian side, and explores bustling Toronto.

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9 days from $2,165 pp

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Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska Cruise

Soak up the magnificent views that scenic Canada and stunning Alaska have to offer. With a journey on the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer, and a 7-night cruise through Alaska's sparkling waters, we take in the very best of these two destinations.

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14 days from $4,725 pp

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Canada Coast to Coast

Discover the best of Canada on this truly epic journey from Vancouver to Halifax. Traveling on iconic trains across the entire continent of North America, the view outside your window changes every day, from the towering Rockies to the central plains, the great lakes and finally the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia.

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16 days from $5,045 pp

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The Canadian in Winter

On this intrepid cross-continental adventure by train, we spend two unforgettable nights in fantastic Toronto, visit the incredible Niagara Falls and travel through the spectacular frosted scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

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10 days from $2,305 pp

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The Canadian at Christmas

Celebrate the festive season with a fabulous vacation on this famous cross-continental train. We spend two unforgettable nights in fantastic Toronto, visit the incredible Niagara Falls, and stay two nights in cosmopolitan Vancouver. Here we enjoy a wonderfully festive sleigh ride on the snow-capped Grouse Mountain.

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10 days from $2,435 pp

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Trans Canadian Adventure

Explore the untamed scenery and majestic beauty of Canada, on a true adventure to the 'Great White North.' See the roaring Niagara Falls, take a journey on The Canadian, and visit two of Canada's best cities. This tour is operated by our sister company Rail Discoveries.

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12 days from $2,995 pp

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Grand Tour of New England & Canada in the Fall

Experience the fiery vibrancy and spectacular colors of Canada and New England in the Fall on this tour. Wander through magical Stowe on an autumnal stroll, gaze at the inspiring waters of Niagara Falls and explore some of Canada and New England's most famous cities.

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Canadian Trains

North America's railroads have come a long way since the days of the 'iron horses' that traversed the old Wild West. Modern, comfortable and fast railroads create a network that reaches almost anywhere on the continent that a traveler might wish to visit.

Canadian Culture

Canadian history starts with the First Nations. This group is made up of over 600 different aboriginal nations, including the Cree, Mohawk, and Haida peoples. Canada also hosts a large number of Inuits, who live mostly in the Canadian Arctic, and are famous for their 'igloo' shelters, which are made in the winter, and can be used as a family home or a meeting house. Another group of indigenous Canadians are the Métis people, the descendants of early European settlers and the people of the First Nations.

When in Canada, watch Ice Hockey. The nation's favourite sport has been played here since the mid-1800s, and has become synonymous with the country, and is famous for its fast pace and brutal tackles. The NHL Trophy, the Stanley Cup, is even named after a Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston.

Another winter sport to enjoy in Canada is skiing. The country boasts some amazing ski resorts, the most famous being Whistler, the biggest ski resort in North America. Canada regularly boasts high medal rankings in the Winter Olympics, even coming 1st in the Medal tables when it was hosted in Vancouver in 2010. Canada also is the world best at a couple of winter sports as well: curling and, of course, Ice Hockey.


Canadian Cuisine

Canada is big on comfort food, and one of the best dishes for this in Canada is poutine. Poutine is fast food Canadian style, considered one of the countries national dishes, and is made with French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Created in the 1950's in Québec, poutine can now be found in restaurant chains all over the country, and has to be made in a very specific way so the chips remain crispy, the gravy stays warm, and the cheese curds melt deliciously over the meal.

If you're wanting a sweeter treat, try a butter tart. This deliciously flaky pastry is simply made with butter, sugar and eggs, but bakers can take some creative license and add different ingredients, like pumpkin or cardamom, to add their own creative flair.

No mention of Canada would be complete without Maple syrup. This sweet treat has been eaten in North America for hundreds of years, and is made using the sap of the Sugar Maple tree. The maple tree is iconic in Canada, being featured on their flag, and there is even an urban legend that if you scratch the maple leaf on the Canadian dollar, it will release the delicious scent of maple syrup.

See the most beautiful scenery through panoramic observation carriages and unabridged domed windows; when you book one of our Canada touring tours, you can expect to travel on stylish trains that bring some of the world's most breath-taking backdrops right to the comfort of your seat.

From The Canadian to the Rocky Mountaineer and The Ocean, there are several famous trains and railroad lines that journey through Canada, connecting Toronto in the east to Vancouver in the west.

The Rocky Mountaineer is an exceptional example, taking in the sights of Banff National Park and Fraser Canyon on its way to Kamloops. Our Canada tours on this superb train occur strictly during the daytime, ensuring that you enjoy the best viewing conditions throughout your journey - all from the comfort of reclining seats.

Our customers with a love for trains will appreciate the romance of traveling in the carriages of the Canadian, which have been restored to their 1950s elegance. You can stay overnight on sleeper trains on some of our Canada railroad tours, waking up to a new destination each morning. 

On the Ocean service and The Canadian, guests are provided with their own fully-serviced cabin, complete with WC and armchairs that convert to comfortable beds at night. All cabins are tastefully-decorated.

The staff on board our trains serve complimentary drinks and snacks to your seat, and also provide a commentary on the landscapes as you pass through. A newspaper is available on some of our trains, which lists much of the flora and fauna that can be seen on the journey, as well as detailing any places of interest.

Canada’s Climate

Canada is a very large country, and from North to South, the temperatures can differ wildly. Throughout the whole country, temperatures can be a bit extreme, with the temperature rising to 95 °F in the summer in the South, and plummeting to -4 °F in midwinter in the North.

When working out what clothes to take, consider where you are going and in what season. At any time of year in the north, it is best to take warm clothes. In the south, warm clothes are necessary for the winter, but in summer it isn't unusual to go out in light clothing. 

Travelers Notes

In some areas of Canada, like Quebec, the primary language is French. In these places, it is preferred to attempt some French before moving on to English. A few useful words and phrases to know are bonjour (bon-zhour), which means 'hello', s'il vous plait (sih vou play), meaning please, merci (mehr-see), 'thank you', and au revoir (or rev-wa) which means 'goodbye'.

The currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar, colloquially called a 'loonie'.

The accents in England are broad and varied, and can change dramatically within very few miles. There are around 30 distinct accents in England, that range from Cockney in London, to Geordie in the North East, and every accent comes with a different colloquial vocabulary.

England is a fairly reserved country, and the social culture rests upon politeness, good manners, and a sense of fair play. Mentioning anything about the weather is a good way to spark a conversation, but the English also have an excellent, if very particular, sense of humor.

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