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Escorted Rail Tours Kamloops

Picturesque British Columbia

The city of Kamloops is located at the confluence of the North Thompson River and the South Thompson River. The name 'Kamloops' means "meeting of the waters" in the local aboriginal language. On a rail tour to Kamloops, you can enjoy time exploring the city and the surrounding mountain scenery of British Columbia. Nearby is Kamloops Lake, which has beautiful scenic surroundings and offers enjoyable boat rides. The city of Kamloops is a transportation hub for the region, where two major rivers and two major highways meet. The city also has the main railway line; perfect for a rail tour to the town.

Kamloops enjoys warm summers that are usually dry, which creates a beautiful climate and an enjoyable season for walks and hiking trips. However, on a winter rail holiday in Kamloops you will see the scenery at its most picturesque. The town and surrounding forests and mountains are covered in a thick blanket of snow throughout the winter months.

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Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer

From the dramatic Pacific Ocean setting of Vancouver, to the laid-back city of Toronto, this incredible adventure takes us across Canada by rail, in style and comfort onboard the iconic Rocky Mountaineer and The Canadian, two of the world's greatest journeys.

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A journey on board the iconic Rocky Mountaineer takes you to Kamloops by rail. The famous train has comfortable reclining seats and fantastic panoramic "picture windows" which give you chance to enjoy the views during the train's daytime journeys.

One of the journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer is called the "First Passage to the West" and visits Kamloops by rail as part of a journey from Vancouver to Banff. You could also travel on board the Rocky Mountaineer for the "Journey through the Clouds" route and arrive in Kamloops by rail. After an overnight stay in a hotel in Kamloops, the Rocky Mountaineer continues through the majestic mountain scenery to Banff.

As well as enjoying the incredible views as you approach Kamloops by rail, in Red Leaf Class on board the train you will also be able to enjoy complimentary cold meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks at your seat during the journey. In Gold Leaf Class you can travel in specially-designed bi-level Dome Coach. During the journey in Gold Leaf Class there are hot, gourmet prepared by on-board chefs and served in the exclusive GoldLeaf dining room on the lower level, whilst complimentary snacks and drinks are served at your seat during the journey. GoldLeaf passengers also have access to covered open air vestibules, which enable you to take unrestricted photos of the wonderful scenery.

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