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The iconic city of New York is home to more than eight million people, making it the USA's most populous city, and the nation's economic powerhouse. 'The city that never sleeps' is an adrenaline-charged metropolis that holds an immense appeals for almost any visitor; with its global impact on media, art, research, education, entertainment and fashion, it truly offers something for everyone.

New York was first established in 1624 by Dutch colonists, who famously bought the land from the native people for a handful of trinkets, and named it New Amsterdam. The governor in charge was deemed so tyrannical that when the English laid claim to the town forty years later, the Dutch handed over control without putting up any resistance. The town was renamed New York and from then on the area prospered and the population grew.

By the late 19th century, many of the city's most famous landmarks had emerged, casting New York as an acclaimed 'city of the future'. Nowadays there is so much to take in that you will only ever scratch the surface, but there are some places you really shouldn't leave without seeing.

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USA Coast to Coast

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime coast to coast rail journey across the most diverse country in the world! Your photo album will include many of America's highlights including the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Wild West, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood Boulevard and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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19 days from $4,505 pp

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The Trans-American Rail Tour

Discover the vibrant, varied United States on a once in a lifetime journey that takes you to some of America's most famous sights including Alcatraz, the Las Vegas strip, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

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18 days from $4,975 pp

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New York, Niagara Falls and Toronto

Discover three fascinating cities and one world wonder on a captivating 10-day tour of North America. From the powerhouse of Washington D.C., our tour takes us to chic New York, absorbs the beauty of Niagara Falls from its Canadian side, and explores bustling Toronto.

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9 days from $2,145 pp

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Premium USA Coast to Coast

Experience the USA in style on this enhanced version of our successful USA Coast to Coast tour, staying in many unique hotels entangled with key moments in American history. Take in the Rockies by rail, enjoy a dinner cruise around the San Francisco Bay and view the Grand Canyon on a heritage rail journey.

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American Rail Adventure

Explore the USA from New York to San Francisco, on a 15-day Stateside adventure by rail. Travel on iconic Amtrak trains and visit incredible American cities en-route, from bustling Washington D.C. to Chicago, Denver and Salt Lake City, for a comprehensive tour of the United States.

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Around the World in 50 Days

Beginning and ending in London, we travel just under 23,000 miles across the globe on this incredible worldwide adventure. Starting in the iconic 'Big Apple', we chart a course across the heartland of America, to the West Coast. From there, we cross the Pacific into Asia and immerse ourselves in the rich legacies of China, before boarding the iconic Tsar's Gold Train for the journey across Russia. For the final leg of the journey, we head into central Europe, south through the imperial cities to Venice, boarding the luxurious Simplon-Orient- Express for the journey home.


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Ellis Island

In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island was the first stop for more than 12 million prospective immigrants between 1892 and 1954. The Ellis Island Immigration Center now tells the moving story of the "Peopling of America".

Central Park

Opened in 1857, Central Park is 'New York's Garden', a massive green space filled with a number of different amusements. Here you can visit the Central Park Zoo or perhaps hire a rowboat for an outing on the lake.

Fifth Avenue

Home to a range of shops and buildings, but none better known than the Empire State Building. Completed in 1931, the famous 102-storey symbol of New York is now its tallest building, and the views from the platform at the top are tremendous.

Times Square

Sometimes referred to as the "Crossroads of the World", here huge advertisements for world-famous brands and popular theater shows are all vying for attention amongst the neon lights and enormous towers of the square - which also marks the edge of the theater district.


Actually a road running the entire length of Manhattan, the name 'Broadway' most commonly refers to the section in the heart of the theater district. Many of the world's most famous plays, including Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar and Wicked, originated here.

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