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Following the tracks of Queen Elizabeth

1 June 2022

Since taking the throne an astonishing 70 years ago, the Queen's reign has been marked by many historical events. Her public role has involved much travelling, across the United Kingdom, Europe and to many Commonwealth countries. Having toured 117 countries, Queen Elizabeth II is the most well-travelled British monarch in history. As the UK celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, we reflect on a few of the Queen's memorable journeys, the places she has visited and people she has met.

Travelling by train - visibly, ceremonially and in great luxury

The Royal Train was made for Queen Victoria back in 1842, the first monarch to travel by train. On her first train trip - travelling on the Great Western Railway from London Paddington to Windsor in 1842 - Queen Victoria famously remarked of the 30 mph speed "this is too fast for a person to travel."

The Royal Train has been upgraded serveral times since then and the original luxurious carriages are now on display in the National Railway Museum in York.

According to Tatler magazine, the Royal Train is no longer as luxurious as earlier trains but is now more functional and merely 'comfortable'. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly loves travelling by rail, it is her favourite way to travel.