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Tailor Made Singapore Holidays

Historic Sights and Cultural Diversity in Asia

Sultry and exciting, Singapore is the largest island of an equatorial archipelago that lies just beneath the southern coastline of Peninsular Malaysia; it is also a rewarding destination worthy of inclusion in any bespoke holiday in South East Asia.

Originally, the island was almost entirely swathed in pristine rainforest but the arrival, in 1809, of a British expedition lead by Sir Stamford Raffles marked the beginning of a colonisation and development that would, within just fifty years, establish Singapore as one of the nineteenth century's most important trading ports. Not all of Singapore's rainforest has succumbed to the subsequent and widespread urbanisation of the island - the vast, leafy regions that remain form part of the stunningly beautiful and protected Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Home to forty percent of the island's flora and fauna, the reserve surrounds Singapore's tallest hill, and the biodiversity of this area offers you the perfect opportunity to spot exotic flowers, wildlife, and birds.

Choose one of our sample itineraries (below) or create your own holiday experience  with GRJ independent. Choose your favourite hotels, discover undisturbed landscapes, or speak to one of our Tour Advisors about travelling to Singapore aboard the Eastern and Oriental Express - a rare, luxurious experience. 

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A Tailor Made Holiday in Asia

The sprawling, multicultural powerhouse that is Singapore City offers a complete contrast to the tranquillity of Bukit Timah but is no less enjoyable to explore. The city is divided into neighbourhoods which represent the diverse but harmonious ethnic groups which have made Singapore their home.

In Chinatown, you will find many exquisite and historical buildings including the Sri Marriamman Temple - Singapore's oldest, the Jamae Mosque and the island's first Chinese Methodist Church that can be recognised by its beautiful Art-Deco roof that depicts a traditional Chinese pagoda.

Little India's streets are a feast for the senses. Here you'll find shops and street stalls selling all manner of authentic Indian wares from aromatic spices to the finest silken saris, jewellery, tea, flower garlands, and brassware.

The British left an enduring mark on Singapore too, most notably with the legendary Raffles Hotel taking afternoon tea - 'tiffin' - is still a custom here, but you absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity to visit the hotel's Long Bar: birthplace of the Singapore Sling cocktail. Singapore City is the model of an ordered and well-run city, and offers some of the world's finest and most exclusive dining and shopping opportunities, a reflection of the prestigious financial and technological industries which have emerged here.

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