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Venice Simplon Orient Express

The carriages on this world famous train date from the 1920s and 1930s, the "Golden Age" of travel, and the art-deco details have been thoughtfully restored. Every detail aboard this luxurious train has been lovingly thought through, including the service from the personal steward who attends to guests in every carriage.

Italian waiters serve your fine dining meals, which have been prepared fresh by French chefs, and live entertainment plays into the evening while you sip a cocktail or two. In the morning you can choose to have your breakfast in bed, brought to your cabin by your steward.

Luxury Accommodation onboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express

Historic Cabins

As part of your journey you'll stay overnight in one of the train's vintage cabins. Standard cabins are every bit as luxurious as you'd expect from this luxury train, and feature folding tables and footstools for your comfort. By day you can sit by the window and watch the scenery go by, and at night your cabin is transformed into a sleeping space with lower and upper beds.


Suites are beautifully designed and are very spacious, featuring a marble en-suite. A double bed or twin beds, transform into a lounge area by day, as the bed converts into a comfortable seating space. Plush fabrics and furnishings channel famed Art Deco designers, such as Dufrene and Lalique. Large windows offer sweeping views of the passing scenery.

Grand Suites

Grand Suites are luxurious and opulent, with a separate bedroom with double bed featuring fresh linen and art deco décor. Your seating area has a dining space with table and chairs, meaning you can take your meals in your cabin for privacy. A 24 hour butler service and free flowing champagne is attached to the grand suites, making this a truly luxurious experience.

Dining on board the Venice Simplon Orient Express

Restaurant & Bar Cars

Get ready to taste the most delectable cuisine in a vintage dining car, at any time of day, on your journey through culinary delights, and experience live entertainment into the small hours of the night.

Seasonal, fresh ingredients arrive onto the train at stops along the route, which are then prepared lovingly by high class chefs in the onboard kitchen. Bartenders mix chic cocktails are prepare your drinks in the vintage bar car, while the resident pianist plays your special requests as you relax in style.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Route

As its name suggests, the train originates in the ancient Italian city of Venice. Owing to its construction upon marshland, Venice is largely navigated by a system of canals rather than streets. The city is renowned for its architecture, from its stilted houses to its magnificent palaces and also possesses a rich cultural and artistic heritage and excellent cuisine.

On its journey from Venice the train passes through Italy's spectacular Dolomite Mountains. Regarded as one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world, the Dolomites achieved UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2009. Although the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express no longer travels through the historic Simplon Tunnel which connects Italy with Switzerland, the alternative Alpine passes it uses continue to provide passengers with magnificent mountain panoramas.

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