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The Ultimate Collection of Scandinavian Rail Tours

Scandinavia boasts some of Europe's most spectacular scenery, while some of the continent's most exciting railways showcase each landscape in all their glory.

Rail Tours in Scandinavia & The Baltic

Discover Scandinavia, the Great Rail Way

From natural phenomena in the frozen lands north of the Arctic Circle, to cities unlike any you've ever seen before, it is a region of incomparable beauty, history and charm - where you can discover stunning fjords, vibrant capital cities, spot the kaleidoscopic dance of the magical Northern Lights, or admire the incredible, never-setting 'Midnight Sun'.

With an incredible selection of destinations to discover and insightful, expertly crafted travel itineraries, discover Scandinavia with Great Rail Journeys.

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The Northern Lights & Lapland

On this remarkable adventure we explore Norway and Swedish Lapland, journeying north far into the Arctic Circle where we seek out the magical Northern Lights, all whilst travelling on some of Scandinavia's most scenic railways.

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11 days from $4,385 pp

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Arctic Circle Express

Majestic mountains and heavenly fjords in Norway combine with the tranquil landscapes of Sweden on an epic journey that includes every great Scandinavian rail experience. On this exciting 16-day tour you'll visit the fascinating cities Oslo and Stockholm and travel beyond the Arctic Circle to the 'Land of the Midnight Sun.'

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16 days from $7,105 pp

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Fjords Cruise & Historic Cities of Norway

With their towering cliff faces, rugged rocky ledges and waterfalls that drop straight into the sea, the awe-inspiring Norwegian fjords really have to be seen to appreciate their beauty and majesty. On this fantastic tour we visit these natural wonders and cross spellbinding landscapes to visit Norway's magnificent cities.

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7 days from $2,425 pp

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Highlights of the Baltics & Scandinavia

Discover the contrasting cultures of the fascinating Baltic region, from colourful Scandinavia to the splendour of Russia, via the historic countries of Latvia and Estonia. Explore glorious palaces and UNESCO World Heritage sites on this unique Baltic Explorer rail tour.

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19 days from $8,015 pp

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Grand Arctic Circle Explorer

Explore Denmark, Sweden and Norway on this truly spectacular overland rail adventure. We visit the region's three magnificent and lively capital cities, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, Norway's awe-inspiring fjords and the wild landscapes north of the Arctic Circle in the 'Land of the Midnight Sun.'

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21 days from $10,685 pp

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Arctic Norway & Midnight Sun on The Lofoten Isles

Travel the length of Norway aboard some of the world's most impressive railway lines, discovering its delightful cities and island communities along the way. Experience life in the Arctic Circle and feast like a Viking on our thirteen day tour.

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13 days from $5,715 pp

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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis to be precise, occur across the Arctic region and are best visible throughout winter (which lasts longer at these high latitudes), when there are more hours of darkness and when the sky is clear of cloud cover.

This fabled event has long been a part of Scandinavian folklore and occurs when particles released by the sun, in the form of solar winds, collide with the particles present in the earth's magnetosphere, causing a superb blend of vivid colours.

The Northern Lights
Best time to see the Northern Lights
January to March


These wintry months are considered to be prime time to view the lights, clear skies and a fresh blanket of crisp white snow are perfect conditions for spotting this elusive wonder.

April to August


The arrival of summer signifies the coming of the 'Midnight Sun', making the Lights almost impossible to spot as the north of Scandinavia is in almost constant light.

September to October


It may be possible to catch a glimpse of the lights in the refl ective waters of Scandinavia's icy lakes during the autumn.

November to December


With the landscape changing dramatically and the nights becoming longer it is a brilliant to view the Northern Lights, although some cloud cover can shield the display.

Land of the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is a truly spellbinding natural phenomenon. Best seen in June and July, this incredible occurrence is due to a tilt in the earth's axis and means that the sun never truly sets in northern Scandinavia in summer.

Instead, it hangs low and resolute in the sky, casting out an ethereal glow and painting the surrounding landscapes with enchanting, sunset hues of gold, red and pink.

Artic Norway & Midnight Sun on the Loften Isles


The Ice Hotel

Visit Kiruna's spectacular, world-famous Ice Hotel, the first and largest hotel made of snow and ice in the world and a phenomenal display of art and architecture and is a truly breathtaking sight.

Sami Experience

Enjoy an authentic and eye-opening Sami experience, discovering the culture of the people who have inhabited Nordic countries, surviving via reindeer herding, fur trapping and fishing.

Norwegian Fjords

Witness Norway's famous fjords - U-shaped coastal valleys created by icebergs, filled with deep waters and surrounded by cliff faces, cascading waterfalls and verdant forests.

What to pack
What to wear in winter


The further North you go, the colder it will be - especially in winter! Make the most of your time in this wintry climate by wrapping up warm in multiple layers. Here are a few tips:

  • Walking Boots
  • Thermals
  • Large Coat
  • Scarf, Gloves, Warm Hat
  • Warm Clothing
  • Sunglasses with UV filters
  • Camera
  • Ice Grippers
What to wear in Summer


Summer in Scandinavia can reach warm temperatures in the day whilst the evenings can be quite chilly, here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the summer months.

  • Light Weight Waterproofs
  • Sensible Shoes
  • Sun Hat
  • Short & Long Sleeved T-Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
  • Sunglasses with UV filters


Norway is a destination just begging to be explored by rail, with panoramic views of glaciers and ice fields, enchanted forests of conifers, mountain ranges and rocky coastlines juxtaposing with the country's vibrant cities.

With Great Rail Journeys, many tours will get to enjoy the conveniences of Komfort Class while travelling through Norway which includes complimentary hot drinks available within your carriage.

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The Nordland Railway runs from the historic Viking capital of Norway, Trondheim, to the beautiful city of Bodø which lies beyond the Arctic Circle.

Our spectacular journey on the 71-mile Raumabanen Railway begins in the village of Dombås. The journey offers magnificent views of the Alpine massif.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest railway journeys in the world, this high-altitude trip links the old Hanseatic city of Bergen and Oslo.

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