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France & Benelux

France is effortlessly chic, bursting with romantic cities, pavement cafés perfect for people watching, world-famous food and wine, and a southern coastline which epitomises Mediterranean glamour.

In Belgium we discover a perfect blend of French and German culture, Renaissance architecture, and medieval squares brimming with welcoming beer halls. Then there's the Netherlands. Get lost in an endless sea of blooming tulips in Keukenhof Gardens, and stroll alongside labyrinthine canals lined with characterful houses in Amsterdam. These destinations delight at every turn, and there is no better way to see them than by Europe's efficient, high-speed rail network.

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France and Benelux Trains

Discover the fantastic railways of France & Benelux. It should come as no surprise that we love railways and we know many of you do too! That's why our tours feature some of the most iconic railways and trains on the continent.

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