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The Great British Isles

Our island kingdom offers an amazing array of landscapes to explore by rail. Whether you're travelling past traditional seaside towns or over incredible mountain ranges, winding your way across wild moorland or steaming past the glens and lochs of Scotland - our green and pleasant land is full of beautiful and unexpected discoveries. And fascinating history is never far away; from ancient castles and centuries-old cathedrals to Viking cities, Tudor towns, and stately homes - the UK has it all, and it's right on our very own doorstep.


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The UK and Ireland offer an amazing array of holidays to explore by rail.

Edinburgh, Highlands & Islands
New Year Savings
4.3 stars(375 reviews)
9 days from
£1,645 pp £1,595 pp
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Railways & Castles of Wales
New Year Savings
4.4 stars(284 reviews)
6 days from
£695 pp £645 pp
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Vintage Railways of the Isle of Man
New Year Savings
4.6 stars(344 reviews)
6 days from
£745 pp £670 pp
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Yorkshire & Northumberland
New Year Savings
4.2 stars(127 reviews)
7 days from
£995 pp £945 pp
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