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From the Alps to the lakes

Picturesque Switzerland is a haven for holidays by rail. Enjoy its chocolate-box villages and grand, sweeping landscapes on your relaxing Alpine tour. 

Rail Tours in Switzerland

Everywhere you look, Switzerland is a country that is blessed with outstanding beauty. Travelling to the town of Interlaken by train truly presents the best mountain-and-lake panoramic vistas you've ever seen. The Swiss Alps, by their nature, are spectacular but when you join us for a journey on the iconic Glacier Express - the world's slowest express train - you're spoiled with unparalleled views of majestic alpine landscapes.

The true joy of a rail tour of Switzerland is that its numerous scenic and mountain railways provide easy access to some of the most awe-inspiring destinations in Europe. Switzerland also reinforces the observation that sometimes the journey is as great an experience as the destination as you pause to admire some of the near-miraculous feats of engineering that were required to construct these railways.

If you can tear yourself away from staring at Switzerland's scenery for a moment you'll realise that the cities, towns and villages we visit are almost equally stunning. Pretty Chur nestles on the bank of the Rhine and is a delight to explore thanks to its cobbled streets and medieval architecture. Zermatt offers plenty of attractions for our guests including a selection of specialist food shops and chocolatiers.

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Traditional Glacier Express

Stunning scenery and spectacular views regale us as we travel by rail through the heart of the Swiss Alps on the world-famous Glacier Express. We enjoy mountain railways, charming towns and dramatic Alpine scenery on this tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland.

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8 days from £1,495 pp

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First Class Glacier Express in Winter

Spectacular views and stunning scenery have made the Glacier Express from Brig to Chur famous the world over. Shimmering winter peaks and sugar-frosted forests provide a picture-postcard backdrop to our wonderful winter rail adventure, taking in some of the very best that Switzerland has to offer.

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9 days from £2,330 pp

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Wengen & the Jungfrau ExpressWengen & the Jungfrau Express

Wengen & the Jungfrau Express

The spectacular mountain landscapes and lush meadows of the majestic Alps await on this unforgettable holiday in Switzerland's famous Bernese Oberland. Travel to the summit of the Schilthorn and experience the tremendous Trümmelbach waterfalls, all on some of the best heritage railways in Europe.

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8 days from £1,595 pp

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Cadenabbia Beside Lake Como

On this spectacular tour we stay on the shores of dazzling Lake Como, enjoy boat excursions to Varenna and Bellagio, take a stunning scenic journey on the iconic Bernina Express, and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bellinzona.

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10 days from £1,795 pp

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Jungfrau Express & Five-Star Rhine Cruise

Before you set sail on the magical waters of the Rhine, venture to the top of Europe on the Jungfrau Railway to Jungfraujoch, the continent's highest railway station. Experience the majesty of the Swiss Alps by rail, as the mountains serenade you with spectacular views across the peaks below.

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10 days from £2,595 pp

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Jungfrau ExpressJungfrau Express

Jungfrau Express

From our base in the quintessentially Swiss town of Meiringen, we enjoy journeys by mountain railway and lake steamer, crowned with an excursion on the Jungfrau Railway to the breathtaking 'Top of Europe.'

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9 days from £2,195 pp

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Discovering Switzerland with Great Rail Journeys

Spectacular glaciers, charming towns and magnificent Alpine views are only part of what Switzerland has to offer. Exploring by rail takes you through the different regions that make up an intriguing melting pot of German, Italian and French cultures. With so many natural, cultural and historic facets to explore, an escorted rail tour in Switzerland provides an exciting and rewarding alpine adventure for everyone.

Travelling by train is indisputably the best way to enjoy Switzerland's scenery and cities and at Great Rail Journeys we do our utmost to provide escorted tours of Switzerland that highlight its best attractions and experiences whilst also representing unrivalled value for money.

The cost of your Swiss train holiday covers all of your travel and overnight accommodation arrangements, a selection of meals and a varied itinerary of guided tours and activities which also incorporates free time for you to enjoy. Also included in the cost are the services of a professional and helpful Tour Manager whose role is to extend every assistance to guests, answer questions and dispense information about the places you'll visit to ensure that you have the most relaxing and rewarding holiday.




Brienz Rothorn Bahn

You'll also enjoy a high standard of accommodation during your Swiss rail tour as we hand-pick our hotels to ensure the optimum combination of location, value, service, comfort and guest facilities. For the more personal service and friendly environment they offer we'll often choose quality family-run hotels which we find are more conducive to a relaxing stay.

Switzerland Traveller's Guide

Opinions vary as to whether Switzerland is situated in Central or Western Europe or perhaps both. The country is landlocked by France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy. Geographically, the Alps cover almost two thirds of Switzerland's total area and are largely responsible both for Switzerland's climate and for its long-established popularity as a tourist destination.

Switzerland's history follows a similar path to that of many other European countries in that its earliest settlers were displaced by the attentions of the Roman Empire, which prospered here in the first and second centuries AD but began to decline under pressure from Europe's Germanic tribes in the fourth century. For the next few centuries Switzerland fell under Frankish (French) rule and subsequently became part of the Holy Roman Empire until gaining independence in 1648. A century and a half later, during the French Revolution, Switzerland was occupied by France once more but regained independence and neutrality via the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Since then, with the exception of minor involvement in the Second World War, Switzerland has retained its neutrality and independence and is a peaceable country.



Switzerland enjoys a temperate Atlantic climate which whilst generally mild and hospitable becomes increasingly colder the higher the altitude. Rainfall is spread fairly evenly over the year although from June to August thunderstorms may occur in Switzerland's low-lying areas. The lowlands typically enjoy warm-to-hot summers and almost Mediterranean conditions in the southernmost regions of the country. In alpine valleys the snow season lasts from November to May but at elevations greater than 2,500 feet snow cover is permanent.

Whilst Switzerland possesses an identifiable cuisine of its own this has largely been influenced by the country's many neighbours. Nevertheless, our guests are in for a gastronomic treat in Switzerland where colder conditions favour heartier dishes. Some must-try Swiss classics include fondue; Swiss cheese melted until bubbling in a pot over a gas flame, and mixed with wine and garlic. Bread is dipped into the fondue and eaten, rosti; a national dish traditionally eaten at breakfast, rosti is grated potato shaped into a shallow cake and deep-fried until the exterior is golden and crunchy, bündnerfleisch; this is a beef sausage in which the meat has been air-dried rather than cured. Freshwater Alpine fish such as trout are considered a delicacy thanks to the purity of the water in the lakes and rivers in which they are caught. Needless to say, for any guest with a sweet tooth sampling Switzerland's particularly fine chocolate is virtually obligatory.

Compared to some of their neighbours the Swiss are a formal people. When you address a question to someone it is polite to preface the question with "excuse me" or "good morning". Guests who take the train to travel through Switzerland should not worry that the Swiss are stuffy; once they have befriended you they are as sociable as anyone.

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