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River cruising is a great tour choice if you want to experience the essence of each destination you visit from the comfort of your floating hotel. And you can expect each of our escorted cruises to be wonderfully relaxing, whilst also immersing you in different cultures.

From private concerts to city tours conducted by local guides, we breathe life into the cities, towns and surrounding countryside of Europe's most famous waterways. But It's not all about excursions and activities. Leisure time to unwind is key to a really pleasurable river cruise and our fleet is specifically designed to make this possible.

Food is another incredibly important part of the whole cruising experience and on board our exclusive cruises, expertly-crafted menus, exceptional service and panoramic surroundings are the order of the day. From dawn until dusk, skilful staff serve up locally-inspired dishes cooked by some of the finest ship chefs in Europe.

So, whether you're cruising the waterways of Holland & Belgium, the Rhine, Danube, Rhône, Seine, Dordogne or Douro Rivers, you can be assured we have everything taken care of from the moment you decide to book, to the moment you get home.

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Five-Star Seine Cruise

Cruising the scenic Seine on board the MS Renoir, explore the world of the Impressionist artists, from Monet's famous garden at Giverny to the city galleries of Paris and Rouen. With flexible shore excursions available, you can choose what you want to do whilst enjoying the romantic scenery of what is arguably France's best-loved waterway. Experience the very best of Northern France, from the world-changing D-Day landings to the enchanting cities and towns which inspired the artists of the Impressionist movement.

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7 days from $2,715 pp

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Five-Star Danube Cruise

Aboard the state of the art Amadeus Queen, which comes replete with its own swimming pool amongst other cutting-edge facilities, experience the magic of the blue Danube from the elegance of Imperial Vienna, to the twin-cities of Buda and Pest.

Step back in time to the eras of the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of the Habsburgs, all whilst enjoying the surroundings of your ultra modern and comfortable cruise ship. There are also lots of included opportunities to taste specialties of each region you sail through, completing a cruise that is a real treat for the senses.

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9 days from $4,445 pp

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Glacier Express & Rhine Cruise

Embark on one of the world's fi nest rail adventures aboard the Glacier Express before descending down the valley for a cruise on the spectacular Rhine. Enjoy picture-postcard river gorges, iconic cities, cheerful riverside towns and much more.

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11 days from $4,335 pp

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Grand Cruise - Black Sea to the Danube

Aboard the state of the art Amadeus Silver II which comes replete cutting-edge facilities, follow the path of the Black Sea as it makes its journey towards the coast and soak up the very best of Eastern Europe; from the unusual nature of the Danube Delta and the unique cities of Serbia and Bulgaria to the vast expanses and traditions of the Great Hungarian Plains.

Then experience the magic of the blue Danube from the twin-cities of Buda and Pest to the elegance of Imperial Vienna

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17 days from $6,585 pp

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Imperial Cities & Black Sea Cruise

Extend your cruise adventure and explore the two European giants of Prague and Berlin. From Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture, to landmarks that have had much significance within our lifetimes, experience centuries in just a few days.

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12 days from $4,515 pp

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Imperial Cities & Danube Cruise

Begin your Imperial adventure early and explore the multi-faceted histories of two European giants, Berlin and Prague. From Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture, to landmarks that have had much significance within our lifetimes, experience centuries in just a few days.

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12 days from $5,055 pp

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Jungfrau Express & Rhine Cruise

Before you set sail on the magical waters of the Rhine, venture to the top of Europe on the Jungfrau Railway to Jungfraujoch, the continent's highest railway station. Experience the majesty of the Swiss Alps by rail, as the mountains serenade you with spectacular views across the peaks below.

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10 days from $3,885 pp

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Provence and The Elegant Rhône

Discover the timeless elegance of France's beautiful Rhône on board the MS Amadeus Provence. Experience a memorable cruise, enchanting cities, natural wonders and more.

Visit quaint Lyon, holy Avignon and charming Beaune, and admire the magnificent Ardèche Gorge as you drift down this peaceful river.

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8 days from $3,075 pp

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Five-Star Rhine Cruise

From Switzerland to the Netherlands, this spectacular cruise reveals the majesty of the Rhine River in all its fairytale glory. We uncover beautiful valley gorges, splendid halftimbered towns and many of the remarkable cities that line the banks of this grand old river. Sailing through four countries, we uncover unique experiences including German heritage rail journeys, French city tours and Dutch steam trains.

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8 days from $3,255 pp

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Beautiful Bordeaux & The Dordogne Cruise

Experience a part of France renowned for its beautiful landscape and explore it in the most leisurely way possible, on a river cruise sailing through the picturesque Gironde Estuary.

Good food and great wine are in abundance on this hugely inclusive cruise exploring the Bordeaux region. Enjoy complimentary wine with each dinner and an exclusive wine tasting on board.

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7 days from $2,895 pp

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French Riviera & Rhône Cruise

Discover the enchanting allure of Nice and the French Riviera on this dazzling tour, before continuing to Lyon for an exquisite 7-night cruise on board the MS Amadeus Provence.

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11 days from $4,115 pp

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Oberammergau & Rhine Cruise

The Oberammergau Passion Play is famous across the world for its marvellous retelling of the Passion of the Christ. Celebrate the play with tier 1 or 2 category tickets before embarking on a wonderful 7-night cruise on the magnificent Rhine river.

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11 days from $6,125 pp

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Why Cruise with us

From your first call until your journey home, we'll be right there to make sure your cruise goes without a hitch from start to finish. And with included excursions, meals and travel you don't have to worry about a tour budget, just enjoy everything that's been planned exclusively for you.

Our cruises include:

  • Classic escorted experience
  • Fine dining
  • Flexible excursions
  • 5-Star accommodation & facilities
  • One-way itineraries
  • Onboard entertainment
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The cruising experience

Our Ships

At Great Rail Journeys, we know that the itinerary and destination make up only part of the excellent cruise experience we strive for. On a cruise, your accommodation becomes part of the tour, and your ship should be as comfortable, as luxurious and as elegant as possible. With that in mind, our vessels are some of the finest ships cruising the rivers of Europe today, featuring some of the largest cabins in the industry.

The joy of cruising

One of the biggest stars of any great cruise tour is often the river itself. Charming banks lined by beautiful scenery, the gentle lull of calm waters and the wonderful variety of sights to see all make the simple act of sailing down the river an experience to remember.

Our cruises are designed to bring the best out of each waterway. With little to no vibration from the engine below, our cruises gently drift down the river, allowing for sumptuous views from the sun deck, the restaurant and the cabins on board. Sailing the most scenic stretches in the daytime also means that our passengers can witness some spectacular sights such as the Rhine Gorge, the Wachau Valley and the Danube Bend by sunset.

Daytime cruising

On certain days, itineraries will feature segments of daytime cruising, revealing the true and often breathtaking beauty of some of Europe's finest waterways

Enjoy the sunlit scenery from all areas of the ship, in the cabins, the restaurant and the bar thanks to the specially designed panoramic windows

One-way cruising

Each Great Rail Journeys chartered cruise travels only one way up the river, meaning that none of our ships cover the same ground twice;

Every day brings new and exciting sights to see.


Luxury cruising

Our ships sail at a leisurely pace, allowing you to take in the best that Europe's waterways have to offer.

The gentle pace is perfect for kicking back and relaxing as you're lulled the peaceful sounds of lapping water

Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers are renowned within their fields, some have even appeared on television, while others have written books and academic articles.


Cruise commentary

Our engaging and informed Cruise Directors often provide their own commentary on important parts of the river, revealing hidden history and natural wonders.

Local guides

You are in safe hands with our carefully selected local guides, who speak excellent English and use personal headsets - no matter where you in the group, you will always be able to hear every word

Honest River Cruising

At Great Rail Journeys we are committed to providing you with an unrivalled tour experience, ensuring that every aspect of your tour has been designed to maximise your enjoyment while representing outstanding value for money. And with over 40 year's experience organising tours for our customers, we know that one of the aspects they appreciate most is the exclusive promise we make to each and every person who books with us, guaranteeing the best possible value whichever cruise you choose.

We are proud to assure you that booking in advance will never mean paying a higher price, and we will never sell your river cruise cheaper to someone else. Though if we do reduce the cost at any point, for any reason, we will also apply that saving to you, refunding you the difference with minimal fuss. When it comes to cost we also guarantee that once your booking has been confirmed we will not increase the price, even to account for factors beyond our control. We will never artificially infl ate the cost of a river cruise and then discount it at a later date to make you think you're getting a better deal, unlike many other cruise companies.

And with so much included in our prices - air or rail travel, transfers, the services of a Cruise Director and Tour Manager, a full itinerary of shore excursions as well as all meals during your cruise, you can be sure you're getting the most from your money.

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