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Discover Southern Europe, the Great Rail way

Italy, Southern Europe & Mediterranean

Those seeking a quieter holiday will find peace and solitude beside the waters of the Italian lakes or on the idyllic islands of Ischia and Sicily. Spain, Portugal and Morocco offer an exotic blend of cultures and flavours while in Greece we unearth the infancy of civilisation itself.

Aside from being the birthplace of Western civilisation and hosting a horde of magnificent cities, the countries around the Mediterranean possess an increasingly rare quality; respite. Even in the bustling cities there is an other worldly sense that no one really takes things seriously. Taxi drivers honk their horns at the traffic but they're not doing it out of spite, they just know it's what they're supposed to do and not doing so would be silly. As you travel towards the coast this semi-serious way of life fades away entirely. So long as there is food in your belly and good company nearby nothing in the world can disturb the Mediterranean summer.

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The Rail Heritage of Italy, Southern Europe & the Mediterranean

Discover the fantastic railways of Italy, Southern Europe & the Mediterranean. It should come as no surprise that we love railways and we know many of you do too! That's why our tours feature some of the most iconic railways and trains on the continent.

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