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Germany & Eastern Europe

There's so much beauty awaiting you in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe. Ancient emerald forests dotted with enchanting old castles and pastel-tinged medieval villages that offer an enticing glimpse back in time. Peppering these stunning landscapes, forward-thinking cities reveal an abundance of history and culture, blended with Imperial architecture, poignant monuments and lively piazzas.

Discover a corner of Europe rich in culture, fascinating history and endless natural beauty. Soak up the old-world charms of Dubrovnik, sit down to an unforgettable classical music concert in Mozart's Salzburg, or wind through some of the most scenic landscapes in Europe on Germany's iconic railways. There's so much to discover, so let us take you there.

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Germany & Eastern Europe offers an amazing array of holidays to explore by rail.

Zell am See
Save £100pp
4.3 stars(100 reviews)
9 days from
£1,595 pp
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Grand Imperial Cities
Save £100pp
4.6 stars(118 reviews)
12 days from
£2,295 pp
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Harz Mountains & the Rhine Gorge
Save £100pp
4.4 stars(74 reviews)
9 days from
£1,595 pp
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Slovenia, Croatia & Montenegro
Save £100pp
4.0 stars(45 reviews)
13 days from
£2,995 pp
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