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Its remote course, which travels through many protected areas and national parks, allows for some unique wildlife spotting opportunities as elephants, tigers and even Indian rhinoceroses are known to make their home here.

While the river, the fastest-flowing of its kind in the world, has its origins in Tibet and runs through India, China and Bangladesh, on Great Rail Journeys' Assam & the Mighty Brahmaputra tour, we join the waterway as it cuts a path through the fertile Assam plains, an area famed for its tea production. Cruising through a section of the Brahmaputra with a rich biodiversity, it's possible to spot turtles and otters frolicking in the shallows just a short distance from the charming and colourful Chang Chars - stilted houses that help protect locals from fluctuating water levels.

Highlights of the River Brahmaputra

One of the major rivers in Asia, the Brahmaputra runs through China, India and eventually Bangladesh. The river plays a major part in transportation and agriculture but has also been known to cause disastrous floods in the past. Starting in the Himalayas, the Brahmaputra River runs through the mountains of Tibet and then ultimately joins at the Teesta River. The Brahmaputra River is called different names as it passes through each country: in China it is called 'Tsangpo' and in India it is referred to as 'Brohmoputro noi'.

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