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Situated in South Western China, Tibet is often referred to as 'The roof of the world'. This spectacular state has an average elevation of over 16,000 feet making it the highest inhabited region of any country. An incredible feature of Tibetan railway travel is the Tangula Pass, which is the world's highest railway line. The Tibetan Plateau provides numerous tributaries to rivers including the mighty Yangtze River which runs almost 4,000 miles to its estuary near to Shanghai. Tibet is widely regarded as a spiritual place, instilling a sense of peace and wellbeing into those who visit. Highlights of train travel in Tibet include sights of beautiful monasteries, friendly locals and a traditional culture that the place has tried its best to retain. Experience this Buddhist kingdom, hidden away amidst the towering Himalayas, when you travel on Tibet railways.

Tibet is filled with cultural discovery. Admire the beautiful scenery and verdant countryside that is speckled with little villages and impressive monasteries when you travel on Tibet railways. Sample some of the local cuisine such as momos (dumplings) and Thukpa (noodle soup), as well as the popular drink, salted Tibetan butter tea. The friendly locals are accommodating and will often know a bit of English. Many sell delightful handcrafted souvenirs made from coral and turquoise, and they make excellent mementos of your trip.

There is such a wide scope for adventure during Tibet railway travel. You can visit monasteries and listen to the soothing sound of chanting monks, embark on a high-altitude trek in the mountains or visit the incredible monkey cave in Gangpo Ri. Make sure you eat in one of the authentic Tibetan restaurants, and visit the small bars and caf├ęs which cater for tourists.

Throughout the entire trip you will be well looked after by a Tour Manager who greets you at the airport in London and accompanies the tour. All the stress of foreign travel melts away with the knowledge that the Tour Manager is there to make all the travel and accommodation arrangements on your behalf.

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