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The city of Basel sits beside the mighty River Rhine at the point where Switzerland, France and Germany meet, and provides Switzerland with its only navigable outlet to the sea. In front of the Restaurant Dreiländereck is a tall metal sculpture that marks the meeting point of the three countries.

Divided by the mighty Rhine, Basel comprises 19 quarters, each with their own individual ambience and flavor. However, it is the old medieval quarters of Grossbasel and Kleinbasel that are certainly the most interesting. Situated on the south bank of the Rhine, the atmospheric streets of Grossbasel are the jewel in the crown. Here, you can immerse yourself in the history of the town as you wander through the market squares and the winding narrow lanes.

Exploring Basel
Among the must-see attractions in Basel are the majestic Münster Cathedral and the richly ornamented interior of the Rathaus (town hall). While Basel is renowned for its history, it also has a reputation for some fine modernist architecture. In the quarters of Vorstadte, and north of the river in Kleinbasel and the surrounding quarters, there are some stunning buildings designed by the likes of Herzog and De Meuron.

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