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  • 2019 Travel Horoscopes Part Two

    2019 Travel Horoscopes Part Two

    21 February 2019

    We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats these last few weeks, putting your holiday plans on hold just to see what your horoscope might suggest! Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer…

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  • The world’s most fascinating airports

    The world’s most fascinating airports

    6 December 2018

    While it’s well known that here at Great Rail Journeys we are passionate about rail travel, it just so happens that we believe aviation is something to be celebrated, too!

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  • Celebrating India

    Celebrating India

    16 August 2017

    70 years ago, on the 15th of August 1947 India became the country that we know and love today. Following the departure of the British after nearly 200 years of what is known as the ‘British Raj’ (or ‘British Rule’), India suffered a period of turmoil, with Pakistan off from India, but it has since risen to become one of the main superpowers of the modern world.

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