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2019 Travel Horoscopes Part Two

21 February 2019

We know you've been on the edge of your seats these last few weeks, putting your holiday plans on hold just to see what your horoscope might suggest! Well, we won't keep you waiting any longer...

Gemini - May 21-June 20

The chameleon of the star sign world, Geminis often feel relaxed both in and out of their comfort zones. Whether it's dancing with new friends at an obscure relative's wedding or a meeting with your new boss, as a Gemini you can flit from scenario to scenario with relative ease, making all those around you feel right at home with your laid-back, 'nothing can phase me' attitude. You're the life and soul of the party and are easily attuned to other people's feelings - you can read the vibe of a room at first glance and know what needs to be done if the atmosphere is 'off'. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though, holidays are about you too, not just pleasing the rest of your group. People tend to feed off your high energy reserves, and travel is a great way of replenishing your strong sense of self so consider relaxation as a key theme of any getaway. Now, we know your natural curiosity isn't best suited to beach holidays, so our recommendation comes in the form of Italy's great lakes. Here you can do all the sunbathing and swimming your heart desires (in gorgeous surroundings no less) while also feeding your need for adventure as you explore medieval towns or head out for a hike in the hills.

Cancer - June 21-July 22

Loyal, imaginative and tenacious. These are just some of the characteristics that spring to mind when you consider the personality of your average Cancer. You're a sensitive soul, attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others - and proud of it! As a water sign, you are instinctively attracted to aquatic destinations, while your creative proclivity and love of nature draws you to wide open spaces. You may also be familiar with feelings of insecurity and pessimism, so we recommend you gather your loved ones about you and head for the flatlands of either Norfolk or the Netherlands. Soak up some of that artistic light while surrounded by those you care about and forge bonds over shared experiences. Head out for a cruise on the broads or nearby canals to commune with nature in all its glory and enjoy checking out of the rat race.

Leo - July 23-August 22

Ever feel warm and cuddly towards the whole world and his dog one minute, then like you can't be far enough away from literally everyone the next? Welcome to the world of being a Leo! Sometimes it feels like your world turns on a dime and you don't know why; there often doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why you wake up cheerful and humorous in the morning, then go to bed feeling defeated and grumpy. As your sign suggests, you're a pack animal that longs for quality alone time and when you don't get it, it can put you on the back foot, giving you the sense that the whole world is conspiring against you. Now don't bite our head off, but sometimes it's important to remember, it's not all about you, and we mean that in the best possible way. The people you interact with on a daily basis all have their own stuff going on, and very often that attitude can rub off on you as Leo's have a tendency to be a tad oversensitive (sorry!). So, don't let it get you down - get away instead! The kind of holiday best suited to the independent Leo is a rural retreat either on your own, or with very select company. Go out on long walks, enjoy the cosy roar of a flickering fire, and indulge your senses with good food and drink. A spa weekend or country cabin make for your ideal holiday hotspot, reminding you how important it is to take care of number one from time to time.

Virgo - August 23-October 22

Virgo's have a reputation as being pernickety, methodical workaholics, but that's only taking a very small aspect of their personality into account. Many Virgo's might be incredibly systematic at work, then go home to something that more closely resembles organised chaos. One thing that rarely falters however is your loyalty, and woe betide anyone who takes advantage of it. Usually when you book a holiday, you'll want to prepare for all eventualities and take care of all the logistics yourself - if a job's worth doing then it's worth doing properly! Spontaneity when it comes to making long journeys can leave you feeling anxious, but at the same time you don't want to shut out the ideas of your travel buddies; perhaps create a shared document where everyone can contribute so no one feels left out of the planning stages which, as you well know, can be really good fun. But where to go? As long as you know what to expect (or at least a rough guide), you can be way more adventurous than either you or your friends and family might expect. If you've been trying to complete a creative project but are feeling blocked, then why not try out a retreat of some kind? Health, yoga, writing; each provides a great opportunity to clear any mental blockages - or perhaps embark on an activity holiday somewhere a little more rugged. Pembrokeshire would be the idea spot, with plenty of outdoor pursuits to sample in an undeniably romantic setting.

Tune in soon for part three of our travel horoscopes, the grand finale!