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  • Night Trains of Europe

    Night Trains of Europe

    29 November 2018

    The idea of travelling aboard a night train holds an almost mysterious allure, conjuring images of moustachioed Hercule Poirot aboard the Orient Express or stepping into the high heels of Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis as they bunk down with Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.

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  • The World's Most Weird and Wonderful

    The World's Most Weird and Wonderful

    17 November 2017

    The world is a weird place. It’s not something we always appreciate as we go about our day-to-day lives, but every so often you learn something about this planet of ours, suspended in a potentially infinite cosmos, that makes you stop and pause for thought.

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  • The Ten Must See Fjords to Add to the Bucket List

    The Ten Must See Fjords to Add to the Bucket List

    26 January 2016

    A guide to the “Top 10 Must See Fjords to Add to the Bucket List”. We pick out the very best fjords in the world, ranging from the reaches of Scandinavia and the iceshelves of Greenland to the South American coast and the woodlands of New Zealand.

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  • Time to visit Norway

    Time to visit Norway

    4 November 2015

    Norway’s combination of beautiful landscapes and striking urban environments make it a must see for any avid traveller. And with the Northern Lights thrown in at the peak of their season, there has never been a better time to visit this dynamic country.

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  • The Arctic Circle Express

    The Arctic Circle Express

    8 July 2015

    The Nordland line is Norway’s longest railway, and the only line to cross the Arctic Circle. Experience the beauty on your own Arctic adventure.

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  • The Aurora, and the Beauty of Norway

    The Aurora, and the Beauty of Norway

    22 September 2014

    Read about our Northern Lights and Lapland 2015 tour, which features a guest speaker on selected departures, as well as an optional dog sledding excursion.

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