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Safari on Stornoway: A Day of Adventure and Wildlife

14 June 2024

I fondly recall the thrill of starting the day with our sea eagle safari. Picture yourself on an open rigid RIB boat, the wind in your hair, and the stunning coastal scenery all around. We always advise dressing warmly for the breeze, but don't worry - we ensure everyone stays comfortable and dry.

Stornoway Exploration:

After the safari, we head to Stornoway Harbour. It's always buzzing with activity and offers picturesque views. Then, we move on to Lews Castle, a favourite among visitors. Its rich history and stunning architecture provide a perfect blend of culture and beauty.

Lunch at Royal Hotel:

Lunch at the Royal Hotel is always a highlight. Imagine enjoying delicious fish and chips while overlooking the serene harbour. The fresh, locally sourced seafood never disappoints.

Afternoon Leisure:

The afternoon is a time for relaxation and exploration. Guests often enjoy wandering through the quaint village, admiring the charming cottages, or simply relaxing on the nearby beaches. The peace and natural beauty of the area always leave a lasting impression. If you are up for more walking then a easy walk near High Borve would be recommended. You can find this here.

Wildlife Wonders:

Our expert guide never fails to amaze guests with sightings of puffins, killer whales, and the majestic sea eagles. The photos they capture are simply breathtaking, giving everyone a glimpse of the incredible wildlife we encounter.

Cultural Immersion:

Stornoway is steeped in Gaelic culture. From traditional music to local festivals, the rich heritage adds an extra layer of charm to the day. I always encourage guests to immerse themselves and experience the local traditions firsthand.


Reflecting on these experiences, I can't help but feel excited for future visitors. Day 4 in Stornoway is truly a blend of adventure, nature, and culture, offering memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to sharing more of this beautiful journey through the Outer Hebrides with you.