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Travelling Green: Sustainable Winter Holidays in Europe

25 August 2023

Choosing ways to travel more sustainably is high on many people's lists when planning winter holidays. As the climate crisis becomes more evident, many of us are looking at how we can be more environmentally conscious, reduce our carbon footprint, and be green, while still enjoying holidays in Europe. The good news is, there are plenty of things we can do, as travellers, that can have an impact on the climate crisis. Here are some simple things that make travelling in winter in Europe more sustainable.

Take the Tracks

We all know that flying is bad for the environment and cutting back on our plane journeys cuts CO2 emissions. Luckily, it's easy to get to and around Europe by train. The Eurostar has made it simple and easy to get from the UK to the rest of Europe and more train lines keep being announced that take us quickly from one place to another across the continent. Sleeper trains are also becoming more popular and new sleepers are being added to routes constantly. Skiing destinations and Christmas towns and cities all have good rail networks that get you from home to your holiday. An escorted rail holiday makes the process even easier by taking care of the travel and connections for you.

Support Glacier Preservation Initiatives

Due to global warming, the glaciers are shrinking at an alarming rate and some will be a thing of the past in years to come. But there are things being done to protect our glaciers and we can all support these initiatives. Organisations like Protect Our Winters work with tour operators, hotels, resorts, and the snow sport community, to create change and make travelling to these areas and enjoying the landscape sustainable.

Choose Green Cruises

At first glance it seems cruising can't possibly be a green option. Like flying, cruising emits a lot of CO2, and as passengers often have to fly to the port to board the cruise first, it's a double whammy. But the tide is turning and cruise lines are taking steps to make cruising sustainable for the future. This started with little things like banning single use plastics, but is now more about fuel and how ships are built in the first place. Norwegian cruise companies are currently converting their ships to run on hybrid power, and soon all cruise lines will be a more sustainable version of their former selves.

Eat Local Foods

Not only is it better for the local economy to eat at local restaurants etc, as we're contributing to local businesses, it's also good for the environment. Choosing locally sourced foods means cutting down on emissions, as the food you're enjoying didn't travel far to get to your plate. It's one of the simplest things we can all do when travelling in Europe. Plus, it's a great experience to try out local foods when we're travelling. Locally sourced food is fresher, it's a reflection of the place we are in, and it's sustainable.