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International Colour Day: Shades of the World

22 March 2019

Try, for a second, to envisage a world void of colour - it's almost impossible. Although the mere concept of colour is something that we rarely have much need to think about in our day-to-day life, it is something that is so integral to the human experience, and so influential in our lives. The world around us is simply saturated in vibrant colour; the varying hues make up so much of the aesthetic beauty we see each day, and different shades have the capability of eliciting a whole host of emotions within us. This Thursday, Match 21st was officially International Colour Day; a day to celebrate the joy of colour around the world, as "one of the most influential phenomena in people's lives and also one of the channels that contributes most greatly to the perception of reality." Well, we can't think of any better excuse to give you a run-down of our favourite, colourful travel destinations! From Italy to India here's some of our favourite destinations where you can see the world in dazzling technicolour.


As the shade of the sky and the ocean, blue is a colour steeped in nature. Calm and serene, there's little wonder that blue is the most commonly chosen favourite colour in the world. Those wanting to see the best of the shade of blue can find it in the world's most famous oceans, lakes and waterfalls. From the thundering Victoria Falls which straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and the simply iconic Niagara Falls between Canada and the USA, to Italy's splendid Lake Garda or the Spanish coastline, blue showcases the natural beauty of the world in all its glory.


Another colour widely associated with nature, green symbolises growth, harmony and fertility - so much so that in recent years its usage has adapted to allow it to be used as a verb when talking about sustainability and eco-friendliness. Green is the colour of fields, forests and trees, and some of the most spectacularly scenic destinations on earth owe that accolade to their lush flora. If you want to surround yourself with this life-affirming shade, the world's national parks are waiting for you. From the iconic national parks of the Americas, including Yosemite, Jasper and the Banff National Park, to the verdant, leafy surrounds of Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park - which boasts an incredible amalgam of blue and green - lovers of this positive and lively colour are spoilt for choice.


A positive and attention-grabbing hue, yellow is synonymous with happiness; of vibrant sunflowers and daffodils, stunning beaches, birds, bees and the sun. To celebrate this colour to the fullest, you'll want to head somewhere sun-soaked and beautiful. Portugal, with its golden Douro River (Rio Douro roughly translates to "river of gold"), sun-kissed landscapes and miles of warm sandy beaches is an ideal place to soak up the jubilation associated with the shade. Alternatively, discover a different side of the colour with a visit to one of Africa's most revered safari destinations. The vast savannahs and grasslands of Kenya's Maasai Mara are bathed in pale yellow, and the golden-toned wildlife that can be found here - including giraffes, lions and leopards - are some of the most well-loved in all the world.



A paler variation of the lively shade of red, pink signifies love, understanding, sensitivity and giving. Encounter this romantic hue in Japan in springtime, when the trees are full of sakura, or cherry blossom, lending them a delightful pink shade. Or, visit Jaipur in India. The dreamy terracotta pink hue of its buildings, painted to celebrate a royal visit in the 1800s has earned the city the epithet 'The Pink City', and it is now against the law to paint the buildings are other hue!



There are some destinations that are simply so colourful, so kaleidoscopic, that they can't be tied down to one category. These destinations offer a breathtaking blend of the rainbow and are truly a feast for the eyes. First, there's Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest and most famous coral reef and a bastion of magnificent colour and beauty - from the turquoise of the ocean itself, to the greens, pinks, oranges and yellows of the reef, and the polychromatic sea life that swim amongst it. Then there's the Scandinavia's Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This astonishing natural phenomenon is caused by collisions between electrically charged particles entering the earth's atmosphere from the sun, which causes a myriad of tiny bursts of light. To the human eye, the result is a fantastical natural light show in an assortment of hues, from green to pink and violet. Lastly, the world's capital cities are some of the best places to take in a plethora of rainbow hues. Neon-lit Tokyo, an explosion of life and colour, the kaleidoscopic India capital of Delhi, and the cheery vivid townhouses of San Francisco are all incredible destinations, packed with a myriad of phenomenal of colour.