b'RIO SOUTH AMERICAULTIMATE SOUTH AMERICAAND THE RIO CARNIVAL15 DAYS FROM 6,995Discover the allure of South America, from vibrant Rio to Buenos Aires. Experience Rio Carnival, discover Bariloche in the heart of Patagonia, take a journey on the End of the World Train and visit the Perito Moreno Glacier.THE END OF THE WORLD TRAINAn archipelago at the very tip of South America, the stunning Tierra del Fuego National Park is often referred to as the End of the World. Winding through a 4.3-mile stretch of the National Parks remote wilderness, the aptly named End of the World Train offers a steam-hauled journey through the dense forests and vast landscapes of the remote tundra. The journey is unforgettable. The train pauses enPATAGONIA route at the Macarena Station Waterfall for us toA destination far off the well-admire views across the breathtaking Pipo Rivertrodden tourist path, Patagonia Valley, before continuing through the unforgettablesits right at the bottom of South tree cemetery, where almost half a century ofAmerica, half in Argentina and half cutting down the forest is evident in the endlessin Chile. This is a land of captivating tree stumps - a poignant yet striking sight. beauty, made up of turquoise glacial lakes, vast grasslands and jagged peaks. 152 SOUTH AMERICA Call us on 01904 527194 or visit GreatRail.com for more details 153'