b'WIND THROUGH RURAL VIETNAM BY TRAIN P100-101 GET A GLIMPSE OFLOCAL JAPANESE LIFE P108-111ENJOY DELICIOUSLOCAL CUISINE P102-105SAIL THROUGH BEAUTIFULVISIT THE GIANT PANDAASIA HALONG BAY P102-105 RESEARCH CENTRE P112-113Asia flaunts its incredible heritage and natural wonders at every turn. Unlock age-old stories as you sample the unique flavours and culture of the ancient Silk Road, bask in the snow-capped splendour of Mount Fuji from the famous bullet train, cruise the serene waters of Halong Bay or walk in the footsteps of ancient warriors on the Great Wall of China. Even amongst its neon-lit cityscapes, look closer and youll find streets dotted with sacred temples, quaint tea houses, elaborately manicured gardens in a vibrant collision of traditional and modern architecture.VISIT VIBRANT SHANGHAI P114-115 WALK ALONG THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA P112-113 ADMIRE STUNNING MOUNT FUJI P108-11198 99'