b"ASIASAMARKAND YOUR ITINERARY Urgench Tashkent2 1+1Days 1-2London to TashkentKhivaWe fly from London Heathrow to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. We arrive on Day 2 and check into our hotel before heading out to explore,3 2discovering a blend of modern and Soviet-era architecture that sitsBukhara Samarkandalongside colourful bazaars and tree-lined streets. On our tour, we see sights including Khast Imam Square, the citys spiritual heart, and Chorsu Bazaar, an authentic market in the Old Town. We also enjoy a ride onNights in hotel Rail Coach Flythe Tashkent metro, which introduces us to the citys remarkable, Soviet-era stations, many of which boast elaborate Art Deco finishes.TOUR HIGHLIGHTSDays 3-4Ancient fortresses and KhivaWe fly to Urgench, and head into the desert to discover the regionsUncover Tashkent, Uzbekistans ancient fortress ruins. We visit Toprak-Kala, or Earth City, an excavatedcapital.palace-city, before continuing to Ayaz-Kala, which sits on a hilltopDiscover ancient Bukhara, overlooking the Kyzylkum Desert. Lunch is an unforgettable affair atpausing at a traditional tea salon a traditional Yurt Camp before we drive to the desert city of Khiva.to try authentic spiced tea We check into our hotel here and, at dinner, enjoy a Khorezm folklore performance. On Day 4, we uncover Ichan Kala, Khivas walled innerExplore Ichan Kala in Khiva and town and the spot where caravans would rest before crossing the desertdiscover the fascinating cultural to Iran. Today, the fortress is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. We take aheritage of Samarkand. tour of the area, which boasts UNESCO World Heritage status due to itsExperience local life with lunch UZBEKISTAN AND amazing historical monuments. The rest of the day is free. at a yurt camp, a home dinner with a family in Bukhara, and a Days 5-7To historic Bukhara THE ANCIENT SILK ROADWe travel by coach to Bukhara. Tracing the route of the Amudarya River,visit to Uklan village.we pass through red sands dotted with distant camels and yurts. WeVisit mysterious desert arrive in Bukhara, and transfer to our hotel. Filled with a labyrinth offortresses including Toprak-Kala 11 DAYS FROM 2,195 NEW TOUR ancient streets, markets and squares, Bukhara was a major stop-offand Ayaz-Kalapoint on the Silk Road. We enjoy a guided tour on Day 6. We begin at the Step back in time as we uncover the legendary Silk Road, immersing ourselves inPoi-Kalyan Ensemble, home to the Kalan Mosque and the Kalan Minaret.WHAT'S INCLUDEDstories of the past and the intriguing landscapes of Uzbekistan. Discover ancientWere then introduced to sights including the famous trading domes before visiting a puppet workshop. We also call at a vintage tea salonUK Tour Manager throughoutfortresses hidden in sandy deserts, explore cities unchanged for centuries andto sample spiced tea. In the evening, we enjoy a cooking masterclass sample unique flavours and culture. before an authentic dinner with a local family. On Day 7, we visit theFlights from London Heathrow to Chor Bakr Memorial Complex, home to a necropolis of family tombs. WeTashkent and Tashkent to London continue to Chor Minor Madrassah, a historic gatehouse, and BahauddinHeathrow Naqshband Memorial Complex. We also visit Fayzulla Khodjaev HomeAll internal flights, rail and Museum, a striking example of a wealthy Uzbeks home.coach transfersTHE SILK ROADDays 8-9To Samarkand9 nights 3 and 4-Star hotel We discover the Ark of Bukhara, a 5th century fortress that housesaccommodation An ancient trading route that connected the Eastsome fascinating museums. We visit the ancient prison of Zindan before and the West, the Silk Road was once the worldsjoining the high-speed train to Samarkand. Samarkand is a melting pot19 meals including 9 breakfasts, 2 highway, and Uzbekistan sat at its heart. Windingof cultures, having changed hands many times over the years. We staylunches and 8 dinnersits way from China to the Mediterranean, the routehere for two nights. We take a guided tour on Day 9, visiting Gur EmirAll tour excursionscut through Uzbekistans sandy deserts, leadingMausoleum. Continuing to Registan Square, we marvel at the majestic to the building of the countrys sprawling tradingmadrassahs, a type of Islamic school. Our tour also takes us to the cities; cities that to this day retain the opulence ofMosque Bibi-Khanum, Siab Bazaar and Meros Silk Paper Centre, where this bygone age. Used for centuries by historysartisans have revived the art of Samarkand paper making. We visit the most celebrated traders, travellers and conquerors,Theatre of Historical Costume before dinner at a local restaurant. theres a rich cultural and architectural legacy inDays 10-11 - Samarkand and London2023 TOUR DATESUzbekistan that makes it a destination quite like noWe visit Afrasiyab Museum for an insight into the area and the chance other. From Samarkand, the city that served as theto admire the unique wall murals. We visit the Shah-i-Zinda necropolis,Apr 26 2,195 Sep 12 2,395crossroads of the world, to Bukhara, home to somea UNESCO-listed complex of mausoleums, before stopping at the UlughMay 16 2,245 Oct 10 2,395of the worlds most striking examples of Islamic artBeg Observatory, an Islamic observatory built in the 1420s. For lunch, we and architecture, the wonders found along the Silkexperience rural life with a visit to Uklan Village, where we meet locals Road offer a lifetime of memories. Tour Code: TKJ| per person based on 2 and sample traditional cuisine. Later, we join the high-speed train tosharing. Deposit from 350 per person. Tashkent, sitting down to dinner at a local restaurant before checkingSupplement for solo travellers from 350. For into our hotel. On Day 11, we bid farewell to Uzbekistan and the Silkthe latest guidance on entry requirements, please Road and transfer to the airport for our flight to London Heathrow.visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice116 ASIA Call us on 01904 527194 or visit GreatRail.com for more details 117"