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Douro River Cruises

Deep in the heart of Portugal, the golden Douro curls through grape-cultivating valleys and sun-drenched terracotta towns. Excellent viticulture, enchanting traditions and stunning vistas make this a river whose secrets are just waiting to be discovered.

The climax of any cruise here has to be the Douro Valley, where a collection of beautiful wine estates, olive groves and traditional farmhouses come together in what is arguably one of the continent's most scenic valleys. The fertile soil, combined with a hot, dry micro-environment, means that the area is ideally suited for the cultivation of almonds, chestnuts and grapes - the latter being used to produce Port wine, the region's most famous export.

Just before it reaches the ocean, the Douro meets the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto. Once the very edge of the known world, this classic Portuguese city boasts a vibrant mix of labyrinthine streets, elegant Baroque architecture and family-run restaurants.

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Highlights of the River Douro

The Douro River winds its way through sun-drenched valleys and beautiful terracotta towns. We reach the Douro Valley which is famous for its collection of olive groves, and wine estates. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a breath-taking pit-stop before reaching the city of Porto. This classic Portuguese city is a vibrant mix of labyrinthine streets, and family-run restaurants. On board our ships, you will pass quaint Portuguese villages including Lamego boasting remarkable examples of elegant Baroque architecture, and the town of Peso da Régua, or simply 'Régua', which plays a fundamental role in the production of Port wine. 

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