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Escorted Rail Tours to San Sebastián

The culinary capital of Spain

San Sebastián is one of the most beautiful and charming Basque resorts. It sits within the fashionable and famous La Concha Bay, which has deep, calm waters and a stunning beach area. The developed heart of San Sebastián has been built right up to the beach, meaning you can sunbathe and swim right next to the main historical buildings and churches.

Behind the city are lush rolling hills that have drawn celebrities and sun lovers to the mild winters and hot summers for generations. The picturesque island of Santa Clara is situated just off shore, in the centre of La Concha Bay. The island is home to one of the area's prettiest beaches, although due to the tides it can only be used for part of the day. Santa Clara can be accessed by boat - although many of the locals will simply swim across from the beach.

San Sebastián is regarded as the culinary capital of Spain. The city is celebrated throughout Spain for its pintxos, the Basque equivalent of tapas. It is much more than just plates of chorizo and patatas bravas; the Basques have elevated these snacks into an art form. In the evening hordes of locals flood the narrow streets of the old town, going from bar to bar, downing a tasty morsel and a glass of wine or beer in each. The ritual is so much a part of the local culture that it even has its own name: the txikiteo.

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