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Escorted Rail Tours to Kruger National Park

Founded in 1898 by President Paul Kruger

Kruger National Park was founded in 1898 by Paul Kruger, President of South Africa at the time. The aim was to create a protected area for wildlife, away from developers and poachers. The park covers 7,700 square miles (20,000 square kilometres), which are split into 14 'eco-zones', each supporting different wildlife. Kruger is located in the north-east of South Africa, with Zimbabwe located at its northern border and Mozambique at its eastern border. Its southern border is the Crocodile River.

Kruger National Park opened to the public for safari holidays in 1927 and is now run by the South African National Park Organisation for conservation, education and tourism. Strict measures are in place to prevent poaching including inspection points for all vehicles entering the park.

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