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Lookout Mountain Incline Railroad

Lookout Mountain played an important part in the American Civil War, as it was where the Union forces suffered one of their greatest defeats. So, by the late 19th century, Lookout Mountain had become a popular attraction for tourists, but it took a long time to ascend - horse drawn buggies were the quickest option, and they took about four hours.

With the advent of railroads, the idea of a mountain railroad was proposed to reduce the time taken to reach the top. A direct route was planned and then built on; this ran for a mile from St Elmo to the summit. The Lookout Mountain Incline Railroad was opened in November 1895, and has been a firm favourite with locals and tourists ever since. In 1911 the steam locomotives were replaced with diesel engines, but apart from that very little has changed on the line since its opening.

Due to the tremendous scenery it passes, the railroad is sometimes referred to as "America's most amazing mile". The line is also loved by railroad enthusiasts as in places it reaches an incline of 72.7% - making it one of the steepest passenger railroads in the world.

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