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Dovre Railroad

The scenic Dovre Railroad connects two of Norway's capital cities - the current capital, Oslo, and the historic Viking capital, Trondheim. Nicknamed 'the trail of the trolls', the railroad runs on 553km of track, following a meandering route through Norway's inland countryside to provide a fascinating cross-section of scenery. Along its route the railroad passes broad farmlands, expansive lakes, babbling rivers, rich deep forests, narrow valleys and high mountain passes, while providing a snapshot of the country's fascinating floral and unique animal and bird life.

After leaving Oslo heading north, the railroad runs alongside Mjosa, Norway's largest lake, before continuing to Lillehammer, famously the host city for the 1994 Winter Olympics. As it continues north, the Dovre Railroad travels through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, which is known for its unique landscape and vibrant local communities. The railroad crosses Lägen, one of Norway's' largest rivers, and passes Dombas, the connecting station for the Rauma Railroad, which is regarded as Norway's most beautiful railroad journey.

The train then reaches the highest point of the journey at Hjerkinn, a small village and railroad station in Dovre. During the final stages of the journey the railroad passes through the shadow of Snøhetta, the highest mountain in the Dovrefjell at 2,280m. Finally the railroad line crosses over Gaula, a world-famous salmon river, before reaching the beautiful city of Trondheim.

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