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Cape Cod Central Railroad

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is one of the most scenic journeys in the United States, running along the coastline of Cape Cod from the center of Sandwich into downtown Hyannis.

Leaving Sandwich, we travel past the Old Sandwich Harbor creek and salt marsh and the lobsterman houses. We continue towards Barnstable, passing the 'Kettle Hole' ponds left by receding glaciers and cranberry bogs, an important agricultural crop on Cape Cod, which are a spectacular deep red color in Fall.

The train travels through salt marshes: crucial wildlife habitats and rich producers of food for many species of birds and fish. Stone 'Cow Tunnels' - one cow high and one cow wide - run underneath the tracks at this point as the marshes were once used for grazing. After a brief stop in Barnstable Village, a popular sport fishing port, we continue inland to Hyannis, the commercial center of Cape Cod and our final destination.

On some of our tours we travel this route in the opposite direction, beginning in Hyannis and ending in Sandwich.

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