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Seen as the capital of the Cadiz countryside, the grand, attractive Spanish city of Jerez boasts many attractions, including its imposing Moorish fortress, and ornate cathedral. Yet Jerez is actually better known internationally for some of its trades - notably for Sherry and for its incredibly well-trained horses. Jerez is widely regarded as the birthplace of Sherry, which takes its name from the city. It is believed to date back to the late Roman period, though it only began to be exported to any extent in the 18th century. Once exportation began, the demand quickly skyrocketed. Today a number of the popular wine cellars are open to the public.

Jerez is perhaps best known for its horsemanship, with which its history has been intertwined for many centuries; it is home to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. The horses here are descended from a bloodline created by Carthusian monks, made by crossing Spanish and Arab horses. The school is devoted to conserving these ancestral abilities, reinforced through a series of special training and exercise displays.

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