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Escorted Rail Tours to Tobermory

Delightful port capital of the Isle of Mull

Overlooking the Sound of Mull, the pretty town of Tobermory is the Isle of Mull's charming capital. It was founded as Mull's capital in 1788, mainly as a fishing port. Its name comes from the Gaelic 'Tobar Mhoire', meaning "Mary's well". This refers to a well found near the town, which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. There is famously reputed to be the wreck of a Spanish galleon somewhere in the mud at the bottom of the bay. The ship was apparently part of the defeated Armada of 1588 and was fleeing the English fleet when she anchored in Tobermory to take on provisions.

Following a dispute over payment the ship caught fire, which caused the gunpowder to explode. According to the legend, she was supposed to have been carrying millions of gold coins when she went to the bottom but no-one has ever managed to find any significant treasure, or even remains dating back to that time. This beautiful little town has become known for its brightly-painted houses, strung out along the sheltered bay - which has attracted film-makers and tourists alike.

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Scottish Islands & Lochs Cruise

This fantastic five-night cruise through the heart of the Highlands begins with a night in Edinburgh before we board our ship for a journey through the rugged coastline of Scotland's west coast to the unspoilt beauty of the Isle of Mull, up Neptune's Staircase, along the Caledonian Canal and across Loch Ness.

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7 days from $2,305 pp

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Five-Star Highlands Cruise

After traveling on the incredibly scenic Kyle Line Railroad, we explore the rugged Scottish Highlands on a voyage that takes us up Neptune's Staircase, along the Caledonian Canal and passes the glorious islands and idyllic scenery of the Inner Hebrides.

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9 days from $4,115 pp

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