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The charming town of Positano sits at the base of a deep gorge on the Amalfi Coastline. The town retains a distinctly old-fashioned appeal, where fishermen haul their wooden boats across the beach as they return to shore with their catch. While the beach is the center and focal point of village life, the narrow winding streets boast some singular boutiques, selling clothing unique to Positano.

Popular Positano
The village was once a significant maritime power as part of the Amalfi Republic, prospering during the 16th and 17th century. However, by the mid 1800s the population was in significant decline - almost half of the population emigrated, many of them to Australia. Positano entered the 20th century as little more than a poor fishing village, only returning to prosperity with the emergence of the tourist industry in the 1950s that saw visitors flock to the Amalfi Coast.

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