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Escorted Rail Tours to Collioure

Home to the Fauvist painters, including Matisse

The delightful coastal town of Collioure is a picturesque seaside resort that was a cultural hub favoured by the Fauvist painters in the early 20th century. Several trails lead past the places where artists such as Matisse and Derain painted many of their most famous works. The charm of the town, coupled with the clarity of light and glorious sunshine that it enjoys, was what attracted artists to ply their craft here, committing to canvas snapshot images of color. Matisse was one of the first to discover the inspirational qualities of Collioure, and he was swiftly joined by Picasso, Dali, Derain and others. Today too, you will find many an enthusiastic painter sitting with an easel and gazing out over the harbor.

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Color by the sea

Color is a recurring theme in Collioure. The town is colorful in its own right both in the russets and creams of its buildings and in its flamboyant Catalan character. The town of Collioure is as famous for its anchovies as it is for its artists. You will see places advertising anchovies for sale everywhere you go, and restaurants and cafés offer many dishes, such as the delicious Pissaladiere, which feature the salty fish. Many locals refer to Collioure as 'the anchovy town'. Collioure has a long established economy and tradition based on the fishing industry. The harbor is full of fishing boats of all shapes and sizes, and many of the local boats are recognisable either by being painted in the red and yellow livery of Catalonia, or by flying the Catalan flag.