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La Dolce Vita, Rome & Montalcino’s Tuscan Vineyards

5 days From £4,225 per person

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About the tour

Embark on a luxurious journey aboard the Orient Express La Dolce Vita, travelling from Rome into the enchanting heart of Tuscany. In Montalcino, a town that epitomises Tuscan charm, explore quaint streets and historic landmarks, then delve into a winery experience to taste the acclaimed Brunello wine and savour traditional Tuscan cuisine. As evening falls, the train comes alive with "Le Grand Soir" dinner, featuring exquisite culinary creations accompanied by live music, creating a memorable dining atmosphere. The following morning, enjoy a serene start with an Italian breakfast as you journey back to Rome, arriving at Ostiense station with cherished memories of elegant dining, cultural explorations, and the unparalleled luxury of travel on the La Dolce Vita Orient Express. This adventure through Italy's iconic regions encapsulates the romance and grandeur of classic train travel.

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Unforgettable Experiences

Explore Historic Rome at leisure
La Dolce Vita Orient Express
La Dolce Vita Orient Express
Experience unparalleled dining, service and luxury on the Orient Express La Dolce Vita
Wander through the charming, narrow streets and discover the historic landmarks of Montalcino
Brunello wine tasting experience
Brunello wine tasting experience
Enjoy a winery experience and tasting of Brunello wine

What’s included

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Outbound Travel

Getting to Rome

Flight from London to Rome

Embark on a remarkable adventure as you board your flight from London to the historic city of Rome.

Rail London - Rome (2 Days)

Alternatively, stretch out your journey by taking a two-day train ride. Take the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Paris Nord, and travel from Paris Gare du Lyon to Lyon St Exupery. You'll spend the night in Lyon before taking the train the next day from Lyon to Milan. From Milan you'll travel onto Rome, where you'll transfer to your hotel.

Arrival in Rome

Day 1 - Rome

Arrival in Rome

Upon arrival, enjoy the convenience of a private transfer that will take you to your selected hotel. Choose from our curated list of 4-star or 5-star accommodations, each offering a comfortable sanctuary complete with delectable breakfast options. Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Rome, a city where every corner reveals a new story. Prepare to forge unforgettable memories on this extraordinary journey that begins in one of the world's most iconic cities.


Day 2 - Exploring Rome


Today, embrace the chance to explore Rome at your own pace. Wander the city's enchanting narrow streets, lined with quaint boutiques and lively cafes, each teeming with the essence of Roman life. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of this historic city. Find a picturesque square to relax and enjoy a rich Italian coffee while watching the vibrant urban scene unfold around you. For a more comprehensive exploration, consider one of our specially curated optional excursions, available for an additional cost. Each is designed to offer a unique perspective and deeper insight into the enduring allure of Rome.

La Dolce Vita and Montalcino

Day 3 – La Dolce Vita to Montalcino

La Dolce Vita and Montalcino

Today you'll board the luxurious Orient Express La Dolce Vita for a scenic journey from Rome into the heart of Tuscany. Arriving into Montalcino, you'll step into a world that epitomises Tuscan charm. Renowned for its picturesque streets and exceptional wines, this lovely town invites you to explore its quaint alleys and discover historic landmarks that whisper stories of the past. After wandering through the town, treat yourself to an immersive winery experience. Here, you'll have the opportunity to taste the celebrated Brunello wine, renowned globally for its depth and complexity, and enjoy the authentic flavours of traditional Tuscan cuisine, which perfectly complements the rich wines.

As the sun sets over Montalcino, your journey continues aboard the train. The evening comes alive with the soft melodies of live music, setting the stage for "Le Grand Soir" dinner. This dining experience combines the finest culinary creations with an elegant ambiance, making for an unforgettable part of your journey. Enjoy the sophisticated entertainment as you dine, allowing the harmonious blend of music and gastronomy to enhance the magical atmosphere of the night. As you retire to the rhythm of the tracks, the day's experiences meld into cherished memories of a timeless Italian escape.

La Dolce Vita

Day 4 - La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

As dawn breaks on the second day of your voyage aboard the La Dolce Vita Orient Express, embrace the serene start to your morning. Enjoy an Italian breakfast in the luxurious surroundings of the train, where the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the delightful flavours of artisanal pastries set a refined tone for the day ahead. Relish moments of elegance and comfort as the train glides through the picturesque Italian landscape.

Upon arrival at Rome Ostiense, your extraordinary journey reaches its conclusion. As you step off the train, you take with you a treasure trove of memories from an unforgettable trip. These include the pleasure of exquisite meals, the joy of cultural discoveries, and the unique experience of traveling in the opulence and style that only the La Dolce Vita Orient Express can offer. Each moment aboard has been a testament to the romance and grandeur of classic train travel through Italy's most iconic regions. A private transfer awaits to take you to your hotel for your final evening in Rome.

Inbound Travel

Day 5 - Rome to the UK

Flight from Rome to London

Today marks the end of your remarkable journey as you are privately transferred to Rome airport for your flight back home. Take a final moment to savour the sights and sounds of Italy, from its vibrant culture to the picturesque landscapes that have made your trip truly unforgettable. As you prepare to board your flight back to London, reflect on the wonderful memories and experiences that have enriched your journey.

Rail Rome - London (2 Days)

Alternatively, take a leisurely two-day rail journey back to London. Travel from Rome to Turin Porta Susa, and spend the night in Turin. The next day take the train from Turin Porta Susa to Paris Gare du Lyon, and from Paris Nord to London St Pancras aboard the Eurostar.

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La Dolce Vita Orient Express

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